Citizens Building Community; Community Building Citizens


How Can I Step Up?

The spirit of Our High River is for each of us to offer what we have to give. Here are some of the ways you can become involved in Our High River.  

1. Connect with your community by attending an event, nominating a Great Neighbour or simply by doing something simple for one person you connect with today!

2. Volunteer with an agency that requires some help. Click here to check out the list of current volunteer opportunities. 

3. Become involved with a committee or collective (group of people and organizations) that already exists. Click here to learn more.  

4. Become involved with one of the Our High River Projects that are in motion. Click here to Get Involved!

5. Get started on actioning your own idea! Check out the support we have to offer and let us know if you need a group started. 


The common link between all of the members who have joined this site is our passionate commitment to contribute and make a positive difference in High River.  

This website has 4 main purposes;

- to connect you to each other

- to provide a space for you to work on projects together

- to provide you with resources & tools to help you move ideas to action

- to highlight events and initiatives that are being championed to foster community connection.

If you do not become a member, you will not have access to the interactive components offfered in this site. If you do become a member, you will become a part of a idea generating, collaborative and action-focused open network. 

Click Here to Join Our High River